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Thursday November 08, 2001

A number of changes to the book list. I've removed the Entries column entirely, but included the original price in the same column as binding. Added a number of editions of the Willows books, along with cover images. Front and back cover scans for the two Arrow editions of Duncton Wood which I own, 1987 and the more recent.

On the page on Duncton Wood, resaved the cover preview images. Added two Amazon links for translated editions, a German one and one in French.

In the section on The Stonor Eagles, again resaved the cover preview images. Added a link to Haforn Coins and Banknotes. Culled (there's now only eight pieces) my own artwork.

In the section on Callanish, once again resaved the cover preview images. Added a link to where Tracy Hansen writes about Callanish regarding themes of freedom, in the Catholic Gazette.

Re-scanned the 1996 Guardian ad for Journeys to the Heartland, in The Wolves of Time section.

Reorganised the Tales of the Willows section, removed some dead links, and added another entry for Toad Triumphant, along with an interview with William Horwood from HarperCollins' website.

Monday October 15, 2001

Added a link to the Speakers' Agency's bibliographical blurb on William Horwood to my biography page.

In the section on Callanish, changed the background to white, added a link to another photo of the Callanish stones, and another headshot of a Golden Eagle.

Included the entry on Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media in my section on Skallagrigg. Changed the cover preview images to higher quality JPGs.

New links to a couple of book reviews in German in The Wolves of Time section. Again, updated the preview images.

Wednesday July 25, 2001

Just a little housekeeping on this page: fixed the counter, and removed the webring which appears to be completely defunct.

Tuesday March 27, 2001

It's been a long time... RL kept me busy, and I haven't had anything major enough to justify an update. Finally, however, here it is.

The Message Board no longer exists, and has been replaced by an e-mail discussion group which anyone is free to join. It is described in a new section, WHBooks Community.

I've closed the Web Poll. The responses, and hopefully a periodically changing poll question, are now part of the WHBooks Community section.

I've updated the FAQ, adding a question and answer about the next book.

While making the changes to the menu bar, I took the opportunity to change my listed e-mail address to should continue to work, and I have no problem recieving e-mail sent to that address, but the former is shorter.

Friday June 9, 2000

In the section on the Callanish, added my own photographs of the standing stones (at the bottom of the page) and removed a few defunt links.

Removed some dead links from the section on the The Stonor Eagles as well.

Added a listing for another Penguin paperback edition of Skallagrigg to the Books List.

Friday March 7, 2000

First update of the New Year, and--by popular assessment--of the millenium. I'm aware of a decreased frequency of updates. It's not out of a lack of interest or material to add, but merely of time... I'm still enthusiastically answering e-mail, however.

In the Duncton Trilogies section, fixed the link to the MoleMUD webpage.

In the section on the The Stonor Eagles, split my artwork onto a seperate page, added three new(ish) pieces of art, a re-scanned version of the first pencil drawing, and modified the layout somewhat.

Fairly minor HTML fixes on various pages.

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