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William Horwood's newest series, Hyddenworld, began with Hyddenworld: Spring, published in February 2010 in hardcover, followed in January 2011 with a paperback edition simply titled Hyddenworld. The second book in the quartet is Awakening, which was published on August 5, 2011. The third is Harvest, released on October 11, 2012. Winter has a publication date of December 5, 2013.


Harvest was released on October 11, 2012 by Macmillan as hardcover and ebook.

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As described on the official website of William Horwood:
"AWAKENING, the second volume in the Hyddenworld Series, is published by PanMacmillan on 5th August 2011. We've changed the title from SUMMER because it fits in better with the story itself. The third volume, which William is now finishing, is titled HARVEST."
Quoted from http://williamhorwood.co.uk/ accessed July 23, 2011.

Review of Awakening at Fantasy Book Review

Hyddenworld: Spring

The ISBNs of Hyddenworld: Spring are 9780230712607 (hardcover) 9780230736931 (trade paperback) and 9780330461689 (paperback at £7.99 pricepoint).

As described in Pan Macmillan World English Rights Guide (PDF), Hyddenworld concerns "the Hydden, the little people with whom we share our world [...] the holders of natural lore and guardians of our link with the Earth". The quest involves Kate and Jack, "five years old, but already no strangers to tragedy" at the beginning of the novel.

The hardback of Hyddenworld was also available in a limited edition. There was a 500-copy limited proof edition ofHyddenworld: Spring, described by a January 2010 review in the Amazon Vine program as having "a patterned background with a golden pendant on the front and a brief legend. No author, no title of the book, no advertising. Then I picked it up...it was so smooth with the raised pendant and gem...there was no writing on the back or spine."

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Originally announced

Hyddenworld is a fantasy novel "about the human race as it approaches a crisis point after its careless exploitation of natural resources" according to the announcement Six-figure deal for Horwood on theBookseller.com (February 15, 2008). Hyddenworld is the first in a four-book series, with the others to follow at yearly intervals.

William Horwood's official website stated the Hyddenworld "books will be published by PanMacmillan over four years, starting in Spring 2010 and then each year in the appropriate season of the title, ending with Hyddenworld: Winter in 2013." (http://www.williamhorwood.co.uk/hyddenworld.html accessed February 11, 2010.)

A New Titles slideshow [PDF] by publisher Pan Macmillan listed Hyddenworld: Spring as due out in hardcover (priced £16.99) on February 5, 2010. A slide showed colour images of the book cover forming magazine and newspaper advertising, and also displayed cover images of three other Hyddenworld novels: Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Hyddenworld slide from Macmillan
Slide from Pan Macmillan New Titles February 2010 slideshow PDF.

Hydden depths, a profile from theBookseller.com (November 6, 2009 by Alison Flood)

As originally announced, Hyddenworld was expected to be published in April 2009. The Macmillan Translation Rights Guide 2008 (PDF) listed Hyddenworld: Spring as due out in June 2009.

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