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"Cuillin..." he whispered, that was it. That was the name he had made. The last one. The last sea eagle. Haliaeetus albicilla.

The Stonor Eagles

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In a 1982 talk given the same month as The Stonor Eagles was first published, William Horwood spoke of The Stonor Eagles as written in part in regards to "the use of myth by storytellers" and from Horwood's "increasing fascination with the artistic development" of people.
Quoted (transcribed) from "A talk given at Church House, Westminster, on 30th September 1982", on audio CD.

William Horwood wrote "in many ways The Stonor Eagles was a precursor of my fictionalized memoir The Boy with No Shoes, which couldn't have been written without Stonor. Both are very close to my heart" in a December 2016 comment at

B The front cover, back cover and the signed title page of the 1983 Hamlyn paperback edition. I scanned these from a copy I bought second-hand in 1999.

B Praise for The Stonor Eagles. A few short excerpts from reviews.

B Article about The Stonor Eagles on WikiFur.

B Sea Eagles and The Stonor Eagles mentioned in a September 2008 blog entry on Kingsdowner.

From A family tree of the main Eagle characters. Contains spoilers.

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Preview A black-and-white print of two Sea Eagles. This is apparently from an old book on assorted birds and animals.

SE My own artwork based on The Stonor Eagles.

Afro Celt Sound System Website Article by James McNally mentions the inspiration of The Stonor Eagles on a piece with Gaelic.

Mt Chapter Four of The Stonor Eagles describes James MacAskill Stonor's visits to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum in London.

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