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"Therefore, mole, from my heart to your heart I now tell these tales, my words spoken in the presence of the Stone I love, which has given my life meaning and faith."

Duncton Tales

B About the books

Steven Linton had a Horwood page, concentrating on the Duncton trilogies. (Link is to the Wayback Machine copy, as Geocities closed in October 2009.)

A quote-heavy discussion of the Duncton novels, from a spiritual viewpoint.

Todd Howard's site on the Duncton series, in progress.

The Duncton Chronicles and Duncton Tales are listed on Amy Sheldon's Recommended Fantasy Author List.

A summary of and essay about the Duncton trilogies from Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, a work copyright 1996 by Salem Press, was written by Chris Morgan. (Retrieved through Ebsco Literary Reference Center on May 28, 2008.)

Duncton Wood and the Duncton series in a 2012 blog post by Ash Silverlock.

B Editions of Duncton Quest and Duncton Found

There was an uncorrected proof of Duncton Quest. A lmited edition of 400, printed as paperback without a dustjacket. The cover is grayscale except for the title which is red. Duncton Quest : Part Two of the Duncton Chronicles and other sellers' listings on Retrieved July 29, 2015.

Duncton Found Epilogue. The original edition of Duncton Found had a different, much shorter epilogue than in later editions.

A blurb for Tales of Longest Night. This Duncton book was never published.

B Places and Maps

From Places of Moledom.

Preview Mayweed's Map of Moledom from the hardcover edition of Duncton Found.

Preview The map of Moledom from the hardcover edition of Duncton Rising.

From Inspired by...

Artwork inspired by Duncton Wood and the Duncton trilogies.

From 1998, a description of MoleMUD, a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) based on the Duncton Chronicles, specifically the time of the war between the Stone and the Word, that was being developed by Niklas Elmqvist.

Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made...

The "Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made" text in the original English.

I translated the "Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made" text into French and into Scots.

A Latin translation of the Seven Stillstones text by "BJ the Farer" with his notes.

The Book of Silence

B Table of editions of The Book of Silence, the second Duncton trilogy, which is comprised of Duncton Tales, Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone.

From what I can tell, this second set of Duncton books was intended at first to consist of two volumes: Duncton Tales and Duncton Stone. The first edition of Duncton Tales (1991, HarperCollins) has no indication of a series name, and the blurb for the next book refers only to Duncton Stone. The 1992 paperback (Fontana Overseas) is Duncton Tales 1 on the cover. The 1994 paperback publication (HarperCollins) is marked Volume One of The Book of Silence on the cover, and in the back there are blurbs for Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone.

B The velvet underground, with paws for thought. A review of Duncton Stone from June 1, 1993. (By Peter Guttridge, in The Independent.)

From The Book of Silence character list. Compiled and added to by me. Contains spoilers.

From A graphic of Brimmel's family tree. Contains major spoliers for The Book of Silence trilogy.

The words to Christians, awake! salute the happy morn the hymn on which the chant used in "The Stomp" is based.

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