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Bracken was born on an April night in a warm dark burrow deep in the historic system of Duncton Wood, six moleyears after Rebecca. This is the story of their love, and their epic struggle to find it.

Duncton Wood

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Forthcoming republishing of Duncton Wood through Unbound (as described in William Horwood's December 2, 2016 blogpost READERS AND WRITERS UNITE!
"Abandoned Bookshop and Unbound to reissue Duncton Wood" on TheBookseller, December 1, 2016.

B Bookseller listings:

Duncton Wood from Hamlyn Paperbacks was in The London Times list of best-selling books on Wednesday, October 14, 1981, and again on November 4 and 18 of that year. (Retrieved through Gale online database, August 7, 2009.)

Duncton Wood was nominated for Best Fantasy Novel in the Locus Awards of 1981. ( Retrieved December 6, 2009.)

In a 1982 talk, William Horwood spoke of Duncton Wood "the passage of love, of hetersexual love, the search for individuation, the maturing of an adult," and also about "the growth of spirituality" as the main character" Bracken grows up, learns about his culture, the traditions that were lost".
Quoted (transcribed) from "A talk given at Church House, Westminster, on 30th September 1982", on audio CD.

Ballantine front cover Ballantine back cover The front and back covers of the 1983 Ballantine Books paperback edition. William Horwood stated his feeling is that, with this cover, they were trying to sell it as a 'cult' book.

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B Information on Duncton Wood translations.


From Artwork inspired by Duncton Wood and the Duncton trilogies.


Mark Carroll wrote a musical based on Duncton Wood. The musical premiered on stage May 27 - June 20 2015 at the Union Theatre in London.

Duncton Wood - Musical


From In 1987, Adrian Williams composed an orchestral piece, Leaves from the Lost Book, based on Duncton Wood.

From A review of Paul Nagle's CD CyberDiver mentions a track called "Duncton Wood, Plague & Wire".

Duncton Wood, a non-fiction story by Cheryl J. Blodgett that was a finalist in a Sweeny's fourth annual "I Hate Moles because..." contest

From Quotations about harpoon traps. This contains a quotation from Duncton Wood, although it doesn't give away much of the story. Contains disturbing material.

M Information on Moles

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