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There are two Dutch editions of Duncton Wood.

De Duncton Saga

The cover artwork of De Duncton Saga is by Jose Calsina Fabrega.

De sage van het Duncton woud was published by Sijthoff (ISBN 9021826356) in 1981, then by Het Spectrum in 1985 (ISBN 9027415625), cover shown below. It was translated by Liesbeth Kramer.

Der Stein Von Duncton


Le Bois Duncton

Le Bois Duncton is the French translation of Duncton Wood, translated by Pierre Goubert, and was published by L'Atalante.

B L'Atalante published a new edition of Le Bois Duncton in 2007, with the ISBN 9782841723836.

"Le Bois Duncton", de William Horwood at Nebalia blog (August 21, 2009)


Der Stein von Duncton is the German translation of Duncton Wood. It was published in 1984 in hardcover by Hobbit-Presse Klett-Cotta with the ISBN 3608951474. The translator was Karin Polz. Der Stein von Duncton was published in paperback in the 1990s.

Der Stein Von Duncton Der Stein Von Duncton

The edition with the grey framing has the ISBN 978-3-608-95147-9 and Hobbit Press website lists a year of 1992. The edition with a quartered cover image is more recent, and has the ISBN 978-3-608-87503-4.

William Horwood at Hobbit Presse website

Another hardcover edition of Der Stein von Duncton is in an auction (July 2010) on
Der Stein Von Duncton

The artwork of the standing stone is by French artist Christophe Vacher.


Duncton Wood was translated into Hebrew and published in 1981 by Ma'ariv Book Guild, in two volumes totalling 636 pages. This was listed on eBay in April 2008; the photographs below are used on with permission from the photographer.

Duncton Wood Hebrew covers Duncton Wood Hebrew spines


La Foresta Di Duncton La Foresta Di Duncton

La Foresta di Duncton is the Italian translation, published in November 1983 by RCS Rizzoli. It was translated by Giuseppe Picca Milano.

The stylized cover is very different from the endpapers, which have artwork of two realistic moles against a background of plants.

A poster shown with a copy of the book in a 2010 auction on is realistic as well.

La foresta di Duncton on

Las Duncton


Duncton Wood was translated into Polish as Las Duncton. It was published by Rebis in 1993, with the ISBN 8385696253. The translators were Maria Korusiewicz, Maria and Roman Palewicz.


Duncton Wood was translated into Russian by Aleksandra Chekha and published in 1997 with the ISBN 9785768402815. (Record in WorldCat, retrieved September 13, 2010.)


Duncton Wood was published in Mexico in 1981, in Spanish translation as El imperio de los topos. The publisher was Lasser Press Mexicana. The translator: Jorge Olmedo Luna. (Record in WorldCat, retrieved September 13, 2010.)

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