Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made...

What with having three different translations of the thing up, it only seemed appropriate that I put up the English version of this text, vernabtim from the novel Duncton Wood.

This is, of course, copyright William Horwood, 1980 - the present. I quote from the novel with his permission.

Seven Stillstones, seven Books made,
All, but one, have come to ground.

First, the Stone of Earth for living,
Second, Stone for Suffering Mole;
Third of Fighting, born of bloodshed,
Fourth of Darkness, born in Death;
Fifth for Healing, born through touching,
Sixth of pure Light, born of Love.

Now we wait on
For the last Stone
Without which the circle gapes
And the Seventh
Lost and last Book,
By whose words we may be blessed.

Find the lost Book, send the last Stone,
Bring them back to Uffington.

Send a Mole in courage living
And a Mole compassionate,
With a third and last to bind them
By the warmest light of Love.

Song of silence,
Dance of mystery,
From their love one more will come...
He the Stone holds,
He the Book brings,
His the Silence of the Stone.


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