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Tuesday December 28, 1999

Changed the navigation menu, with the addition of the FAQ section.

In The Books List, added the front cover of the 1984 Allen Lane edition of Callanish.

In the Callanish section, and also in the section on The Stonor Eagles, there are many fewer photos now as I have removed those links to the Bioinfo Animal Photos Archive.

In the Duncton Trilogies section, added a link to Celandine's website.
In the section on Duncton Wood, changed the Augustine Funnell Books link to its new location.

Wednesday November 3, 1999

HTML clean-up in The Stonor Eagles section, which was moved to its own subdirectory. Added two more cover images in the line of covers and, further down, an engravng or wood-cut or something of two Sea Eagles.
HTML cleanup and moving to sub-directory of the Skallagrigg and Callanish sections as well (including the photographs of Golden Eagles). Added one new piece of art to the Callanish section, (a portrait of Creggan) and one to Skallagrigg--an imaginary cover image.
Moved the Duncton Graphics section, updating the HTML and changing the title graphic a fraction.
Redid the entry page (again).
Assorted changes to the Book List. Added the 1987 Arrow Duncton Wood, and 1997 HarperCollins The Willows at Christmas.
Overhauled the HTML of Previous Updates, (a big job!) and split it into two pages--1997-1998 Updates, and then Previous Updates, from 1999. Cleaned up the HTML on this main page, too. Changed the bird associated with the counter to a Raven.
Redid assorted navigation graphics, including those for the William Horwood Webring.

Saturday October 2, 1999

Made some minor updates to the Book List. Added a number of cover scans, courtesy of Kate Stamp. Made some HTML changes to Praise for Duncton Wood and the Skallagrigg page.
Once again, I tweaked the layout of the translations of the Seven Stillstones text, and added a third. By "BJ the Farer". it is a rendering in Latin, with information on the punctuation, word choice, etc., used.

Friday July 16, 1999

Rejoiced at the number of responces to the poll. Removed the page of translations of the first line of Duncton Wood. Added the 1998 paperback edition of Skallagrigg to the Book List. Removed Orig. Price from the Book List.
Various and sundry HTML tweakings, especially in the page on Harpoon Traps and Praise for Duncton Wood.

Saturday May 8, 1999

In The Wolves of Time section, added the character list and changed both the back button and species icon. In The Stonor Eagles section, reorganised my artwork based on it, adding two images. Gave the Duncton Graphics section a long-overdue overhaul, adding the mole badge image.

Thursday April 1, 1999

Added the above poll, which will remain up until there's a reasonable number of replies. Might be a while. :-) Made some changes to the Skallagrigg section, and added a link to a review from the EastPoint home page. Moved January 9 and before updates to Previous Updates.

Friday February 19, 1999

Added The Book of Silence Character List to The Duncton Trilogies section. Made some visual changes to the Places of Moledom page.
In The Stonor Eagles section, added another drawing of a Sea Eagle and a link to Other Eagle Species from Hope's Site. I changed the species icon on that page from the Gold Eagle head to the Sea Eagle. On the Callanish page, changed the setting icon from the generic mountain to the Callanish stones.

Saturday January 30, 1999

Added a few pieces of art based on Callanish to that page. Deleted a number of dead links on the Photos of Golden Eagles page. Added the section on linking at the bottom of this page.

Saturday January 9, 1999

Picked up a second hand copy of the 1983 Hamlyn paperback edition of The Stonor Eagles. The title page is signed by William Horwood. Added it to the Book List. In The Stonor Eagles section, added the cover scans and Praise for The Stonor Eagles.
On the Skallagrigg page, added the family trees of Esther Marquand and of Arthur.

Friday January 1, 1999

In the Duncton Trilogies section, added Mayweed's Map of Moledom, the map of Moledom from Duncton Rising, Brimmel's family tree, and Duncton Found's Epilogue, fixed some minor errors and modified the "Seven Stillstones, Seven Books made" text French and Scots translations.
Moved up to October 17 updates to Previous Updates.

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