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The 1994 BBC film based on William Horwood's novel Skallagrigg.

From An extensive description of Skallagrigg from BBC Four Cinema, which broadcast it in February 2003.

From The British Film Institute holds a film print of Skallagrigg.

From Skallagrigg on the British Film Institute's Screenonline includes a synopsis and review. There are two clips, available to registered UK educational institutions or libraries.

From The Internet Movie Database entry on the 1994 film.

From Skallagrigg at

From Review of the film from The New York Times.

From A quite detailed review and summary of the film Skallagrigg by Disability Cool.

From There is a short review of the film in British TV Show Reviews.

From A brief review of the film is in the June 1997 issue of the Australian newspaper Link-up.

Library record of Skallagrigg "Off air recording of program broadcast on ABC TV 1 March, 1996." in WorldCat

From Scope with the National Film Theatre 50th Anniversary event involved a screening of Skallagrigg in September 2002. (Saved copy at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.)

From A item from VoluntaryNews about the September 2002 screening of Skallagrigg. (Saved copy at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.)

From The entry on Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media. One of the pieces, "The Disabled Audience, a Television Survey", (an extract from Perspectives of Disability in Broadcasting, Broadcasting Standards Council Research Working Paper 11) discusses reaction to the BBC film of Skallagrigg and more general attitudes about disability and media portrayal. It is quite lengthy, eleven pages in a double-column format, and includes a synopsis of the film as well as three black-and-white stills.

Library record of Framed in WorldCat.

B The 1993 Penguin reprinting of Skallagrigg is tied in with the film.

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